Friday, October 29, 2010

¡Viva España!

Check out the sweet new computer skin/sticker I got for my mac. I am pretty stoked about it... I wonder why?!

Unfortunately, I had to cut off some of the red on both sides, so the yellow appears a bit massive and out of proportion, but hey, you can't win 'em all. :) So I used the extra scraps for where the palms go when you type...
 Can you see that I cut out the Spanish flag again?! :)
¡Viva España!

I can't wait to show my students! I know, I know... I'm a nerd Spain fanatic, but I just can't help myself; I swear I'm a Spaniard at heart (lisp and all).

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Name that bug...

Give up?

Yeah, so do we...

It looks like beetle with little black pom-pom balls on it's antenna's.  Mike took it to school to see if the kids knew what it was, but they didn't know what it was either. I guess he'll forever remain a mystery, unless one of my readers is into entomology.

Cute kiddos

Babies are being born (& made) left and right at ICS! Here are a few cute little faces...

Lennon & Gabi

Gabi almost fits in the doll stroller
Celebrating Becky's little girl EDA: end of November
 Jonah-boy and the pink tea set... making his daddy proud. :)
 Liana's cheeser face, Jonah & his pink tea set, & big sister Noelle

Tea anyone?

Soccer 101

October 14 was the annual teacher vs. student (varsity soccer team) games. You can obviously tell who's more of the photographer in the family since Mike didn't take very many pics of the women's soccer game. Then again, he doesn't find women's sports very interesting/entertaining...

 Women teachers lost again this year 0-1 (last year 2-3)

A little warm-up action
Praying before the game

 Liana: should I be a soccer player or a mommy? I don't know!
 Liana demonstrating the proper way to hold a baby... watch out Paul & Becky!
 Wanna taste something yummy on the end of my finger?
 Here ya go... isn't it good?

 Cheering because the men teachers were down 1-4, but in the last 10 minutes, tied the game up. So it went to over time.

Discussing their next play...

Teachers win in OT, and students go wild (I'm surprised the students were even cheering for the teachers...)