Thursday, September 15, 2011

Things that...

... make me laugh/smile:
  • Q: If your name is on the board, what does that mean?
    • A: You have make-up work to do or Mrs. Karly needs to talk to you about something.
    • Student's answer: Mrs. Karly misses you a lot and wants to see you.
  • Student wants to say "Never mind" and comes up with: "Nunca mente"and "Nunca cabeza"
  • Student asks if the same word for oil (on the face) is petroleum.
...I love:
  • Homemade Cinnamon Raisin bread by one of the parents at the school
  • Ukulele lessons
  • Thailand rainy season thunderstorms in the middle of the night
  • Dear friendships
  • Hearing my students speak in Spanish when it's not even Spanish class and saying, "It's so fun!"
  • Having a student ask me, "Why was the quiz so hard? You should make it easier." Then telling him that I could be a hard teacher, push him, and have him learn a lot, or I could be an easier teacher, give him an easy A, and he probably wouldn't learn very much. When given the option, he said he'd rather have me be a harder teacher with an added comment of "Besides, Spanish class is so fun even when it's hard." ::sigh:: THIS is why I teach.
... I could do without:
  • Waves of homesickness
  • Spending my weekend correcting papers
  • Having a class (or even a day) when your lesson plans blow up in your face and everything you planned goes nothing like how you envisioned (successfully).
... I wish happened magically without any of my help:
  • New blog posts
  • Learning Thai
  • Correcting papers