Friday, March 23, 2012


Our school is full of ESL students, which can sometimes result in a some funny stories...

Student A (doing timed computer activity): I did it in 20 seconds.
Student B: I bet I can do better... yep... I did it 19 seconds. I won. Now try to win me!
Student A: I think you mean, "Now try to beat me..."

6th grade student writing sample that I saw in the hallway: He was borned with no limbs.

A few other funny stories...

I've mentioned before about how Mike's students think he's SO hairy and they love to pet his leg hair, or pull on strands of it to see his skin pull up. One time, a little first grader was petting his leg hair and said, "You have so much FUR!!!"

The other day I struck up a conversation with a foreigner while eating lunch under the parking garage (instead of the school cafeteria). He complimented me on my excellent English skills, and was a bit embarassed later on to hear that I'm actually American. When he found out I am a teacher at the school down the street, he immediately assumed that I teach English, to which again, I blew his mind when I told him that I actually teach Spanish. Needless to say, you can't judge a book by it's cover!


The 2 month blogging hiatus was a bit unintentional, but we certainly have been quite busy---mainly with the normal activities at school.


• My dad visited for 2 weeks and we had a great time (see last post) gallivanting around Bangkok and beyond.
• Construction on the new athletic facility began. This is a bit of an inconvenience for ICS, particularly the PE teachers, but the new facility (which will be awesome) will hopefully be done by next school year, or shortly into the year since they got a bit of a late start.

• Headed back to school after Dad’s departure in January
• Have had many weeks without a break, which has been hard not only the students, but the teachers as well.
• Construction at ICS continues and is noisy!

• Mike started playing in the 2nd annual CCBL (Basketball league with students and teachers)
• Karly got addicted to Pinterest, finding recipes and card ideas/designs galore :)

• Celebrated Mike’s 30th birthday!!
• Took a personal day together to break up the hum-drum of school. Thankfully, neither one of us has gotten into the teaching slump yet, but there’s always April and May… ha.
• Hot season has starting ramping up a bit. There have been some nice mornings that have felt a bit cooler or have had a bit of a breeze, but it’s definitely the start of the hot season.
• Looking forward to a 2-day school week next week due to taking another personal day, and a 2-day educational conference that neither of us need to attend.
• Mike will be going away for a men’s retreat with church at the end of March

Looking ahead to April
• We’ll enjoy a 4 day weekend because April 6 is Chakri Day and March 9 was recently declared a National Holiday due to the cremation of the daughter of a king.
• We’re looking forward to our spring break (April 13-22). We’re headed to Railay Beach (near Phuket & Krabi), which is a favorite of many friends. Our dear friends, Grant & Carolyn, as well as Carolyn’s brother and sister-in-law, who will be visiting for their break, will be just 5 minutes from us as well, so that will be fun. Railay is known for not only it’s beach, but for its natural rock climbing too. I’m sure you’ll see plenty of pictures. I predict a very HOT vacation with the hot season ramping up. I also predict a few fights over who gets the kindle. :)
• We’ve been enjoying our marriage small group this year. There are 4 couples and we’re going through a series called, “What did you expect? Redeeming the qualities of marriage” by Paul David Tripp. It’s been a good series, though we do get a bit distracted by Paul’s seriously wicked moustache and cheesy “dramatic” DVD music.
• We’re looking forward to a trip home to MN this summer from June 5-July 10 and already considering what to bring back with us in our 4 suitcases… it’s always a dilemma.