Saturday, April 13, 2013

Confessions #2

Yes, we're still alive... I got irritated with blogger since I had typed out a really long blog post and then it didn't save. So I took...ahem...a two month hiatus. That and I had a big card sale that I had to get ready for, so I was busy stamping. The husband just recently had shoulder surgery, so that changed life dramatically since he hasn't been able to lift, bear weight, or even really move his arm. And then life with twins is just a bit crazy, particularly now that they are getting more into things, are more alert and opinionated as well, and just plain get bored if I don't give them a bit more structure in their day. Anyway, here's a new confessions post.

 1. I NEVER thought I'd be a stay at home mom...EVER.
2. I hate pumping. Sometimes I'd rather skip it and just wait (and burst) to nurse. I especially hate waking up multiple times in the middle of the night to pump so I'll set myself up so I can fall asleep during those times.
3. Every night, I usually have the desire to stay up much later than necessary because I want time to myself after getting all the "evening must do's" done.
4. Emma spit up the other day and I almost puked at the smell of it.
5. I can't wait for Emma's hair to grow longer so people will stop asking "Which one's the girl?"
6. I often lift Owen over my head and "pulse" him to get an arm workout...that's how I plan on getting my arms in shape.i
7. I accidentally tried a drop or two of my milk once.
8. I think Owen is going to be a real heart throb with those long eyelashes, infectious laugh and cute smile.
9. I rock my kids to sleep...go ahead and judge me if you want, but they are only young once and I am going to soak every second of it up.
10. I love that Owen loves blankies...he's my "little Linus"
11. I don't miss all.
12. I am addicted to Pinterest for good ideas on how to entertain, stimulate and educate my babies...sometimes I think I would get stuck in a rut otherwise.
13. I hate cutting baby fingernails. I feel like I do it every other day. I hate it!
14. It irritates me when people constantly ask me what I feed my babies because they have so many rolls. So I have big babies. have you never seen a big baby before? I am always tempted to give some snarky reply. I can't help it; my babies are healthy and love my milk...and my milk is apparently whole milk. I get even more irritated when the same people ask me that question each time they see if it is a great conversations starter or something. Seriously.
15. I am completely terrified of flying 23+ hours with the twins back to Minnesota this summer. Terrified, I tell you. So if any of you have advice on flying with 8 month old, crabby teething babies, and then helping them get over jet lag, please let me know your tricks...I will be forever grateful.