Saturday, May 21, 2011

Apples & pears

My friend Kdub (Kristi W.) and I had the joy of running a couple of times in NZ. I wasn't the best of company with a bit of a cold, but enjoyed it while I could. We enjoyed the beautiful scenery and the cold, crisp air. Quite the change from Bkk, needless to say and I definitely found myself running longer/farther because of the lack of humidity. It was glorious. We took a nice long run through Christchurch our first morning together and saw how the earthquake had impacted the city.

Our second run together was the most memorable though. We stayed in Arthur's Point and took a run along Coronet Peak (well, more of a walk due to my raspy lungs from my cold, the altitude, and well... it was a nice big old hill going up to a skiing area!) I think that this run/walk was one of my favorite times of the trip. The scenery was beautiful, we found apple & pear trees on the side of the road to pick, and since we didn't have any pockets, we had to shove all of our goods down our shirts. We laughed so much, took some funny pics, and got stared at as we made our way back the hotel. Those delicious apples & pears were baked in the most incredible crisp that I think I have ever eaten in my entire life; it was delightfully amazing.

climbing the apple tree


shirt full of apples...

NZ #2

Tasman Valley, Tasman Glacier

Tasman Glacier: One of the largest glaciers in the southern hemisphere & the largest one in NZ. Don't believe me? Click on the picture & you will see a TINY yellow boat. Perspective.

Chai tea... sooooo goooooood.

Day 2: Queenstown

T-shirt with Kiwi lingo

T-shirt with Kiwi Lingo


Thunder Creek Falls (on our way from Queenstown to Fox Glacier)

Tasman Sea

NZ #1

I know you've been patiently waiting for these. These are only from the first 1.5 days. It was beautiful... and amazingly hard to narrow it down to these photos for just the first day and a half! Hopefully beautiful pics are boring to you. :)

Mini-hike to Lake Tekapo to watch the sunset

This sums up the guys on the trip: find a target, find rocks, throw rocks at the target.

Morning at the Possum Cottage

Tame deer that wanted the pom-poms of Kdub's shoes

Ian (owner of Possum Cottage) & Bernd


As Tuan would say, "SHEEEEEEPS!!"

Headed to Aoraki Mt. Cook Village for nice long hike

And again... back to throwing rocks. :) Target= stone tower.