Wednesday, October 2, 2013


At our condo complex, there is a little playground. Miss Ning frequents it with the kids, particularly Emma when she wakes up earlier than Owen from a nap. This morning, Owen kept standing by the he door and hollering to go out. (I think he just wanted to push the elevator buttons).So all four of us walked down to the playground, stopping to see the kitty on the way...

Chasing after the poor cat while hollering at him. Emma was fine and brave with the cat as long as it was on her terms (aka: she chases after the cat and it runs away), but as soon  as the cat started coming towards her, she got scared and started running away. She is so funny like that...she is so brave and sure of herself, but then is curiously terrified of animals. On the other hand, Owen loves animals and even loves it when dogs lick him. 

The little mister chillin'.

Emma is really into exploring the limits of her body. She loves moving, grooving, kicking, dancing, and climbing. She climbed up to the top of the slide without any help; Miss Ning just spotted her in case she slipped, but she didn't. I think she may be part billy goat. 

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