Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Long time no blog

Hello dear reader, it has been a while. Thanks for stopping by despite my lack of posts.

What's new?
-Mike finished coaching basketball. (Thank you Jesus!)
-We are enjoying more family time now because of him no longer coaching
-Next big thing for Mike is field day in December; it is a big event so you can pray for the planning and that all the details would come together nicely.
-I am getting much more comfortable driving here in Bangkok. (More on that next post...)
-I have been enjoying running again and am planning on running my first post pregnancy race in December. It is only a 10k, but you have to start somewhere!
-We have always enjoyed every stage the twins have been in, but one seems particularly fun and entertaining.
-We went on vacation to Phuket (pronounced pooh-ket) for a week to visit our fear friends who recently moved there (pics in another blog post)

Prayers for:
-Field day
-Wosdom in parenting
-Consistency in discipline
-Disciplined quiet times
-This time of year at ICS teachers need to submit their letter of intent, indicating their plans for next year. It seems that there will be quite a few of our close friends leaving this next year, which is always hard. It is easy not to want to engage or invest once you know someone is leaving. So prayers to desire to want to be involved and pursue friendships despite the outcome.

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  1. I don't think I read this before. Praying through your list.